Notes On Node.JS


Note: The binary node conflicts with other packages. /usr/sbin/node is for cluster management.

$ sudo apt-get install npm

$ sudo npm install n -g

# install latest version of node
$ sudo n latest

# the install a specific version
sudo n 4.5.0

# List available node versions
$ n ls

$ /usr/bin/node -v

# Note: Do not use nodejs command. It still uses the old ubuntu repository installed version.
$ nodejs -v

Using ApiGee with Swagger API with help of Node.JS


# To enable installing additional npm based user modules, do the following:
$ npm set prefix ~/npm

$ export PATH=~/npm/bin:$PATH   # Add it to your .bashrc

$ npm install -g apigee-127

$ mkdir apigee ; cd apigee
$ a127 project create hello-world

$ cd hello-world
$ a127 project start

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