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1.2   Best Tools

  • Powerpoint still seems to be best tool. Have atleast 2010.
  • iWork for iCloud - Keynote for iCloud - Is free and good. You need to upload your images. Good font. Creating Chart is very easy if you have some finite data with beautiful pies etc generated. You can not merge shapes in icloud keynotes. Standalone keynote has this feature and more. Does not support ready made templates.
  • Prezi is good looking but fine tuning ability of the slides is very limited. Free plan available. Other plans start from $10 per month. Though fancy, can’t be used for regular technical stuff with ease. In Free Plan, Image editing tools not available.
  • Google Slides is pretty good. It has more ready made templates now.
  • multi-user colaborative
  • Lucidchart (Aws arch icons are good)
  • The two most popular sites for buying royalty-free vector images are VectorStock and iStockphoto.

1.3   Tips

  • Message on a photo ... Take nice image and put transparent orange or white box and write message on it.
  • Take screenshots and use them on slides. On windows, use any one: - Snipping Tool (Built-in) - Greenshot (auto configure to save on folder. Useful to do many screenshots) - photoscape (Grab one and compose Gif etc)
  • Lato font is good. Download and install it.
  • Merge Shape by Subtract or Union or Combine or intersect or Fragment - is a new feature in 2010. i.e. Union and compine is different in the sense, the borders become invisible during union. Both borders appear in combine. These options not shown by default. Go to File=>Options=>Customize Ribbon=> Add “Commands Not In Ribbon”. You need to select both shapes first before applying set operations. Have this added to Drawing Tools:Format, under your own new group like Merge Shape. You can fine tune combine shape by DrawingTool=>Format=>Edit Points by deleting some control points. See
  • You can change shape outline thickness in order to create nice boundary effect or to merge with another one. You can use gradient for outline alone !
  • Select shape and fill it with image for interesting effects ...
  • Press Ctrl-Drag and object to duplicate and drag. i.e. No need to Ctr-C,Ctr-V. Just ctrl-drag will do.
  • Have some standard collection of following photos:
    • Highway at night with dazzling lights. Like information superhighway. Implies fast progress.

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